Multiprof Development

Town Planning

Multiprofspecialise in land-use applications including:

  • Township establishment
  • Rezonings

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  • Design and drafting of new buildings (residential and others)
  • Drafting of as-built plans
  • Consultation on property development
  • Heritage Association Applications

Multiprof Development Architecture

Property Information

Multiprof Development specializes in providing information to the property industry. 

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Multiprof Interior

Multiprof Interiors provides interior décor and design services to the residential, commercial, hospitality and property sales sectors.
Multiprof Interiors

Renovations and Maintenance

Multiprof Group assists clients with small to medium size renovations including bathrooms, kitchens and offices. Our competence includes carpentry, painting, ceilings, partitioning, and tiling. In co-operation with our Interiors division, we will deliver a product that will enhance your property.

Renovations and Maintenance

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